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24x7 access to
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3 Year Graduation from a recognised University

Duration Minimum :
2 years (4 semesters) Maximum: 4years

Every Student shall undertake a project, preferabbly a live one of six months duration either at place of work or other, in the chosen area of specialisation to complete the program

Trusted by Working Professionals from the Top Companies in India Anytime, anywhere
Scholarships by the University
to encourage top performers

MBA with Samsung Tab4 - The program is aimed at providing the students complete flexibility in pursuing further education without compromising on quality. A Samsung Tab 4 (7 inch - provided along with the study material) will give 24X7 access to the study material on the go.

Admission Type Payment Options
1st 2nd 3rd 4th Total
Fresher Semester-wise 34,150 12,300 12,300 13,250 72,000
One-time Payment 62,805  (inclusive of exam fee Rs.8,400/- and Alumni fee Rs.800/-)

An additional Rs. 300 has been included towards the issue of degree certificate.

All the students have the choice of opting for ANY ONE of the following two payment options. 

● Semester-wise payment:

Under this option, a student would pay the fees at the time of registration (on a per semester basis) as per the schedule below. The semester fee is inclusive of tuition, examination and alumni fee.

● One-time Full Payment (with Waiver on tuition fee):

This option allows a student to pay the total program fee one time; full time payment will be entitled for a waiver of 15% on the tuition fee.
The applicable fees amount to the student will be as per the admission type and payment option chosen by the student.